Kings-Lynn/ Peterborough
Furniture purchase agreement on order from Poland
l.Colour, fabric and left or right side is chosen by the purchaser. It applies to upholstered furniture.
2. The purchaser pays a deposit in the amount of 25% of the ordered goods.
3. Merchandise is non-refundable because it is prepared on the buyer's special request.
4. Condition of not receiving goods ordered by the buyer is a factory defect or damage to the goods,
the color or side the buyer did not order.
5. Otherwise the deposit will not be refunded due to the costs incurred by the seller.
6. Warranty is granted for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.
7. Warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper usage of a product such as coffee
stains or other beverages.
8. Waiting time for the ordered goods is from 2 to 6 weeks.
9. After that date, the buyer has the right to demand termination of the contract and does not incur
any costs, the deposit will be fully refunded.The furniture shall be dellivered to the indicated address
but we don t carry the furniture into the house.
10.The buyer has read the conditions of sale and a fully accepts them.
11. Please enjoy your shopping and get satisfaction of our offer.
12.' Agnes Polish furniture' company 8st James Street PE30 5DA KINGS LYNN
     76 Central Avnue,PE1 4LH,PETERBOROUGH
Phone numbe 0751 009 3488/07542024080/01733 209 399